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Sustainable Multi-purpose Transportation

A concept system for autonomous and sustainable travel and transportation, bridging cargo shipping and cruise travel together with a challenge to the definition of travel resorts.



The all-electric, 5G connected and autonomous Manta Carrier docks and picks up a Manta Suite luxury suite, or Manta Cargo container pod.

In the air

In the Air

The flight is autonomous all the way to destination. For the Suite there’s infotainment containing route, weather conditions, travel metrics etc. The 200 to 300m altitude views are all around.


Landing at the destination is fully automatic. The pod is disconnected and the Suite pod is now a destination home for the vacation travellers. It’s either self sufficient until picked up, or connected with essentials as electricity, fresh and waste water.

Next Mission

The Manta Carrier can now either send another Suite pod back home, or take a cargo job somewhere close.

Pod Load of Choice and Need

  • Transportation can be made to remote locations
  • Temporary and seasonal airports can easily be set up
  • Emission free, solar powered Carrier and Suite
  • A Suite destination don’t need much arrangements – low environmental footprint
  • Versatile – pods can be designed for cruises, cargo, rescue operations, firefighting, mobile hospitals and much more

How’s it Flying?

Part Zeppelin

Part Zeppelin

The Manta Carrier structure consists of a semi-rigid hydrogene filled body, which creates natural lift.


Part Quad Drone

In each four corners of the Carrier there’s a rotor, that can also be tilted forward in flight to gain forward speed (like the Osprey helicopter).

Airplane wing

Part Airplane

The main body is wing shaped, creating additional lift force when in forward motion, just like an airplane.



The Manta Carrier automatically positions to dock it’s load, which is hold in three points. Air drag is allowed in between.